An interesting thought for the day by Giles Fraser

For some, of course, religion functions [as] a very effective means of keeping all the world's emotional complexity at bay. You're either saved or you're not, the Bible either says this or it doesn't. This sort of religion is defined by straight lines, simple rules and fixed meanings. It's a religion designed to be free from the anxiety of ambiguity or doubt - and that, of course, is just its attraction to some people; though, to my mind, it says more about the emotional needs of the believer concerned than it does about God or the nature of reality.


We have to live with ambiguity and this will of course lead to tensions. You can't discuss God in a context where the answers have already been formulated and your job is to try to second-guess what those answers might be. God is actually unknowable and unfathomable. No matter how well we can quote from our Bibles, let's leave the apple hanging on the tree and not try to re-consume it, once we have God in a box, we might just put him on a shelf and forget about Him.We just aren't supposed to understand Him in this life are we?

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