Hannah Marriot on Pitcher

My research has led me to dialogue with quite a few conservatives and some liberals. Why does it seem as though only the extremes exist. Is there anybody out there like ME? I'm not too sure about George Pitcher now since I discovered:

Pitcher is disgusted by religious fundamentalism. He considers it ‘a corruption of the Christian faith to have people suggesting that it is exclusive, that there are minimum entry requirements, that this is the right way to be a Christian’. His version of Christianity ‘requires a broad pluralistic tolerance, not a narrow bigoted confined view of faith’.

As for the Church, Pitcher says he thinks it needs to step up its communications, to ensure it communicates ‘what we are really about – not foam-flecked bigots and swivel eyes’.

‘Frankly such people just need their bottoms smacked...’

Of couse, I support Pitcher in his view that, yes, it is dangerous for people to think that Christianity has minimum entry requirements and is for an exclusive group, it's just that the tone he is using here doesn't strike me as particularly loving either. What's a girl to do - eh? Who do I chat to out here in cyber-space?

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