No Milk from Dr Moo - solid food!

This is my picture for my plea for the MOO NICNT on Romans.

The NICNTs are brilliant and as a theology student, I do not think I can live without Moo's NICNT (okay, I am milking it a bit here - milking it - get it!).

I remember Dr Daryl Docterman, another fantastic American theologian (okay, piling on the charm here - the freebie will wing its way from the good old USA, should I be successful.) Dr Doc taught us the 'Documentary Hypothesis', about which he had some concerns, and talked a lot about Dr Moo.

I always think about the expiation/propitiation thing, I really do, put me in a quiet room with a cuppa and this is usually what my mind will drift to - yep I am an unusual kind of girl - I reckon Dr Moo could help me on this front.

If you similarly want to beg and scrape in this rather disgusting way for a book you could not otherwise afford, visit Scientia et Sapientia, an exceedingly good blog.


Lucy Mills said...

The NICNTs are good aren't they...I just got the revelation one. I could probably also kill a rat with it.

Rev R Marszalek said...

Yeh and a couple of Jehovah Witnesses - seriously that was a joke. I want to reach out to them in love but this guy on my doorstep just now says he'll be back tomorrow with 6 Bibles and I have a feeling I will not see him again, which in some ways is a shame. I wonder what commentaries they read. I need to pop over to my good friend Cheryl Schatz for some good apologetics in case he comes back. How do you deal with them, Lucy, you are a person of such grace.
Thanks for dropping by.

Lucy Mills said...

Hey - only spied this after commenting on latest post...duh. Strange I was talking about JWs tho! I'm doing lots of research on them at the mo...they have all their own literature and are not allowed other Christian literature ('apostate literature' in their terms). It's a great way to inspire you to know your Greek!

The lady I meet with sometimes comes with other family members, and we have a really positive relationship. I am genuinely fond of them and we spend half the time roaring with laughter.

If you have any particular questions about them do drop me a line as I am looking into it quite deeply (for apologetic purposes).

I deal with it by asking questions rather than making statements, but also by building relationships. There are lots of things where there is agreement and by talking through these differences are taken less defensively. We have a nice chat and then look at their booklet 'What the bible really says' together. If I disagree, I explain what I believe, and they do listen. Probably because we have built that relationship, on the understanding that we all genuinely desire to know the truth about God.

A lot depends on the individual. In theory they all have to agree with each other (under the Governing Body...but naturally they have their own personalities. Some you will 'click' with easier than others!

Gosh, could ramble forever, but won't!!

Rev R Marszalek said...

Wow - awesome I somehow knew you would be a person of grace with JWs.

I feel like I show an interest but sometimes the listening seems to be rather one way on doorstep encounters, I guess they can just leave when they know you see things differently. I would like some help with the apologetics side, it's how to point quickly to areas they are open to - I often find that their Bibles print words very differently. For example, the JW on my door, looked at the gift of the Holy Spirit and figured it was only given to the twelve disciples, there was this capitalised 'YOU' as if the 'you' was very specifically the disciples only. He positively laughed at me when I said - but God has given you the gift of the Holy Spirit too and then when i said Jesus is the Son of God, he said 'Ah-ha' - see, Son, not God' and we just seemed to go around in circles. It was all a bit frustrating. Sad to say he did not come back. I'm not sure how to go about getting to this second encounter stage. The only time I have ever managed it was by just listening and asking for literature which they had to bring me the next day and then once they were inside with a cuppa, I could explain better what I felt.

We live and learn.
Thanks Lucy X

Lucy Mills said...

Your encounter seems an awkward one to deal with - very prickly and confrontational. In cases like that we can only say what we believe in gentleness and respect, and leave the rest to God. I'm not sure I could have managed that very well.

I started by accepting literature from them and simply listening to their 'spiel' (not sure if that's spelt right!) After a few visits they offered me one of their study books. After a couple of talks on the doorstep, now they come into the lounge and we work through it together. It seems to be a process, at least in my experience. Bringing up the controversial stuff on day one doesn't always work, but showing you are willing to listen to them can lead to them being willing to listen to you. But it really depends on the person you get coming to your door how viable this is.

If it's something you're keen to engage with, maybe it would be a good idea to pray for God to lead the right person to you. The JW I see has a very similar personality and is the same gender - which I find much easier (inviting strange men into the house is not something I like doing!!)

Will keep you posted, am hoping to write something about my experiences, probably anonymously, but if I do I'll let you know.


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