Unknowingly memed and awarded

Well, Sat am - my slot. Kids watch CBBC with their Cheerios and I get a bit of time to e-church it.

So I googled my name, yes, it's a bit vain but you have to do it every now and then or you miss out on stuff.

So I discovered that I have been tagged by David Ker at Lingamish, that righteous technorati big shot adventurer who gave my site its first award. He has included me in the Bad Boy Bible Study Bald Elisha challenge:

"From there Elisha went up to Bethel. As he was walking along the road, some youths came out of the town and jeered at him. "Go on up, you baldhead!" they said. "Go on up, you baldhead!" He turned around, looked at them and called down a curse on them in the name of the LORD. Then two bears came out of the woods and mauled forty-two of the youths." (2 Kings 2:23-24, in context)

Dave's challenge is below:
Here are the rules:

* You’ve been asked to teach or preach on this passage.
* What would you say?
So, I'll start working on this, should be interesting but only once my Deut essay is in (role on Wed 19th).

The second thing I discovered was that I had been given an award by Peter Kirk at Gentle Wisdom, thanks Peter.

So I’m supposed to tell you 10 HONEST things about myself and then nominate 7 other blogs that I think deserve to receive the Honest Scrap Award. I'll model my answers on Peter Kirk's who modelled his on the blogger, Kevin Sam who awarded him.

1. I drive a 2007 BMW touring 3 series, pictured here.
I have wondered whether I need to replace it but it would now cost me more money to replace it with something more modest, it's depreciated such a lot. It is automatic which means I can blast out my worship music and take my hands off the wheel to praise God when the Spirit moves me, well, my gears hand anyway, since it's redundant. It also has those parking sensor thingies at the back which makes it the only car I've never crashed when trying to park. I don't know how many miles I've done - too technical for me - stuff like that - my brain doesn't register that sort of info. But it is fun to drive. I can overtake easily to show off my Christian fish badge to the rest of the traffic!

My husband drives the scrap. He is so good at doing that whole 'laying down your life for your wife' thing - giving me the BM. His is a smelly, green Alpha with a very strange gear box - I can't drive it and it has a very dodgy interior.

2. I very rarely watch TV too apart from 'Eastenders' occasionally which I treat as a break, I'm usually scouring the web at the same time but it means I move from the study to our lounge and I have a cup of tea, which my husband usually makes and I do not speak or answer the phone for that half hour, four times a week, which gives everybody else a break as well as me!! I admire Dot Cotton for her ability to quote the Bible chapter and verse and sometimes you'll hear me responding to the angst of a character's troubles with 'Oh, heck, they just need Jesus (and more acting lessons!)'. As regards scrap, not TVs in our house but laptops and bits of IT kit and wires etc. We have draws full of this sort of techno scrap because my husband is a computer nerd, a trendy one I hasten to add, and can build the things.

3. Last on the list for my “honest scrap” – I own jewellery boxes full of it. Beads, homemade things, plastic, beaded crosses, bangles, rings etc. Every bit of Jewellery I own costs less than a tenner apart from my wedding ring which cost about £200 - I'm not into stuff like that so there's no point anyone robbing my house.

4. Personality: I think - I'm a deep thinker. I'm quite manic/hyper/lots of energy. I'm a bit of a kid - I get very excited about things. I am a talker - I say it, I don't worry about revealing things. I think I'm pretty honest and self-aware and loyal. I get easily hurt but I hide it - I'm working on that one! I'm an activist and I want to learn, learn, learn. I'm getting a lot better at admitting that there is such a lot that I do not know.

5. I will be ordained in 2011 if it is God's will and I successfully complete a Masters (or a diploma if I don't finish the dissertation bit) and if I satisfy those Bishops. I will then be a stipendiary curate and will move off to somewhere in Derbyshire with my family, it might go country-wide, it all depends where God sends me.

6. Like Peter, what really turns me on in a Christian setting is worship and I too struggle with hymns accompanied on the organ. I like a band. But I am also turned on by preaching like Kevin Sam, not the shouty kind but the rejoicing kind, the Jesus came to give you life in abundance kind, the kind that calls on the Holy Spirit to be present, the kind that really exalts Jesus, that focuses less on us and more on him and what he has done and is doing. I am unafraid of the manifestations of the Holy Spirit and can't believe that we get to ask for more and God is so generous and gives more! Wow! I love God so much for this and thank the pastors and preachers who helped me to understand this. I like to walk very closely with the Holy Spirit - I'm pretty charismatic.

7. Again like Peter, I kind of believe in the whole Calvinist thing but I could never really use it as a description of myself because for me it doesn't express these things in the right words. It is the 'total depravity' thing that doesn't work for me and actually Peter has helped me here so I'll just quote him 'Total depravity does not mean, however, that people are as evil as possible. Rather, it means that even the good which a person may intend is faulty …' Wow - thanks for that Peter - I've never been able to articulate my dis-ease until now about that one.

8. I really do not know what my politics is - it's Kingdom politics but it is taking me the whole of my life to work out which party is closest to having a Kingdom vision. I voted Christian Alliance in the latest locals.

9. I have lived in Cheshire: Cheadle Hulme; Worcestershire: Hagley; and Derbyshire - Duffield, followed by Allestree, followed by Little Eaton and yes, I am aware that so far I have only ever really lived in rather posh villages but that might change soon.

10. I like the buzz of a city, not sure I would want to live there but I am very attracted to the way that cities and student cities, university cities, that is, worship Jesus because the problem with rural worship is it can all be a bit staid and overly-polite.

So there you go - I get this for that - cool - another cheap, home-made trinket for the box

I award:
Thoughts from the Walderslade Bypass
An Exercise in the Fundamentals of Orthodoxy
The Ugley Vicar
Karen's Curacy Café
You must share 10 HONEST things about yourself and then nominate 7 other blogs that you think deserve to receive the Honest Scrap Award.


Suem said...


Just reached your blog from the "Fundamentals" site. I was nterested as you are a. Quite near me - I am in Cheshire b. A female ordinand, but I don't what your attitudes are to the LGBT issues? I am very affirming but like to hear different views.

I guess I would find it hard to have an evangelical conservative approach to biblical interpretation and be a woman going into ministry. How do you reconcile that?

DaveW said...

Oh no. Ok but not today (got to bed at 7:30am due to enjoying myself doing some programming). I should be in bed but Jane is at a wedding and I have 3 boys to keep out of trouble.

Rev R Marszalek said...

Interesting Sue - good to meet you - I am conservative with a small c and find that this is all okay as regards women in ordained ministry although some of my brothers and sisters disagree. As regards issues in Human sexuality - wow that's a biggie and I am open to learn on that one. I believe in a God of love and I seek to have a ministry that is as affirming of other people as it can be. I believe in waiting for one another before we come to eat. We're all on a journey.

You'll have to hang out here a bit before you get to know what I really think about certain things and re atonement theology and issues in human sexuality, I am really exploring where I lie at the moment.


Suem said...

Interesting, I'll keep an eye on things then:)I am involved in some of the LGBT and inclusion type groups. I think when you come across these issue in ministry they often look very different in practice ( with a human face) than in theory.

Rev R Marszalek said...

Hi Sue
I wonder what you make of Peter Ould and his ministry slant. If you want to see my reactions to the talk he delivered at college which was about a year ago and I wonder if I am in quite the same place as I was a year ago, read my reaction to his talk here:http://hrht-revisingreform.blogspot.com/2008/11/peter-ould-post-gay-thoughts-on-how-we.html

Peter Kirk said...

Thanks for accepting your award so interestingly.

I'm glad I could help you with total depravity - but I think this definition is commonplace.

I would never have put you down as a BMW driver - I would have guessed a Corsa, or perhaps an open top Mini.

Rev R Marszalek said...

Yiex - a Corsa - now that's depravity for you ;-)
Thanks Peter


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